How To Use Video Content To Benefit Your Business

Stop saying “I’m not ready”, and start saying “How can I be ready?”

Because your competitors have already adapted to video content.
You’re competitors are already planning to jump on video advertisement – as 60% of marketers and business owners said they plan on increasing funding for video marketing in 2018. As of right now 87% of marketers are already using video content in their marketing strategies.

How To Actually Use Video Content To Benefit Your Company & Overcome Your Competitors

As we said last week we’re going to actually run through a scenario to help get your gears in motion.

Let’s first start off with bringing this topic a little closer to home.

When you, yourself, come across products online do you just go based of what you read on the website (talking about high ticketed products)? No, of course not. Although it might sound all good and fine on the website, we all try to dig a bit deeper. For example, a service based product like a web host that claims to be the fastest yet. What would you do? Find reviews right? Multiple reviews on top of that to be correct. But what if you ran across a video of someone actually putting a website hosted by that web host to the test against other websites – where you get to actually see the results of speed tests, load times, and the like with your own eyes. Now would that sway your opinion even more? If you saw that website load within half the time of all the others, with all the same content and backend environment, just the actual hosts being the only difference – would that make you more inclined to buy?

Lets put that in terms of your consumers now.

We already know video is the fastest growing content form in the world right now and for good reasons. Think about it, in the past what did people usually do at home? Consume video for hours on end glued to their TVs. Now in this new digital era where we all have the internet at our fingertips people have switched from watching TV for hours to being glued to their phones for hours. It started out with simple social media – scrolling forever on end. But now as our consumers have become bored with simple pictures and text, marketers and business have learned to evolve and create the same quality video content people would normally see on TV – now on their phones. Giving them a reason to stay glued in.

How To Grow A Fan Base, Hold The Fan Base, and Secure Sales.

Ok? But How Does This Help You?

Well it has been stated that 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, and on terms of B2B – 59% of company decision makers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post.

So give them what they want! Bringing it back to the consumer’s perspective, let’s put it in terms of you selling a water purifier. The consumer is looking online for the best purifier on the market right now, they stumble across your website and read your statistics. Ok? Almost every other purifier claims to be the best. So how can you PROVE it?

Lets say you create a video proving the facts. You show the purifier in action, explain how it works, and show all the parts. Once the water comes out you put it to the test for impurities and PH level. Now they’ve seen with their own eyes that your water is definitely the cleanest, most alkaline, and purified. Free of any added metals and such. Or, they go on YouTube and find videos of people testing out your purifier against other industry standards and you still win. Either way they see the results for themselves.


How do you actually use this content?

You promote it across every social channel to people in your target audience. Since your product is a water purifier part of your target audience (a buyer persona) could consist of people who are body conscious and watch everything that goes into their system – people who only eat organic and non-GMO products. Thus, these people would only want to drink alkaline water or would be more receptive towards the idea of alkaline / pure water.
By creating your content / video content (since video is what we’re focusing on in this post) around this audience and their interests, and then promoting it across all the social channels you just provided them with something that 1) they’ll be interested in seeing 2) introduced them to your product in a visual way and 3) secured future sales as now you have the opportunity of continually drawing in this audience and keeping them interacted with your brand. Eventually growing a bond with them and building trust to where they feel comfortable buying your products because you’ve actually shown that you’ve taken the time to learn about their interests and cater to their needs.

The most successful businesses are those that are able to connect with their audience, learn from them, and listen to their needs.

But Don’t Just Stop There

Think about it, people use video content online the same way they’ve used TV in the past. For entertainment purposes and to pass time. The most content people consume is something they can regularly be entertained by – they watch comedy videos, video skits, web shows, web episodes, talk shows, and the like.

To bring the point home even further, think of YouTube.
People subscribe to channels based around a certain topic they’re interested in. Whether it’s a movie review channel, conspiracy theory channel, or vlog channel, etc. – people tune in day after day to watch the latest video uploaded by their favorite channels in the same manner people watch (or have watched) TV on a daily bases to catch new episodes of their favorite shows.
The idea is the same, just the mediums have changed.

So why stop at reviews of your product? Use video to draw in your target audience – changing a cold audience (people who’ve never heard of you) to warm audience (people who are familiar with your brand) and keeping this new audience entertained. In this instance don’t just mean target audience, but your actual overall audience – as in the people who are now familiar with your brand. These are the people who will drive your brand and eventually spread the word of your company. Tapping into psychology to drive this point home, think of social proofs – the more followers your brand has, the more believable it seems, and the more inclined people are to buy your products.

Now going back into videos, you need to create great content to satisfy your audience’s needs of having entertainment on the fly. To find content ideas look at your target’s search habits and what they talk about. Create QUALITY content around what that they already search for online and you’ll become one of their regularly watched content creators. But, to do this you have to actually know your target audience, study them, and create your buyer personas. You have to know what drives your target audience, what their interests are, their fears, their problems, and know how you can solve said problems and dispel their fears.

So if your audience is into health, is body conscious, watch what they put into their bodies, fear toxins, and face a problem of finding all organic products / alkaline water then create content on that to draw them in. You can do videos on how to stay healthy, videos on physical health as well as mental health, exercise videos, yoga, foods to eat (of course mentioning your pure water), provide all organic non-GMO recipes, organic recipes with a bang of taste, the benefits of alkaline water, how your purifier creates the best alkaline water, and the like. The list goes on and on once you really understand your audience and provide them with the exact content they need that relates to their lives. You then become that “go to” source of information they live by and rely on. Bringing them back day after day to where they become, not only familiar with your brand, but a fan.

And who would throw money at an unfamiliar company VS a company they fully trust? Would you? of course not.
By gaining their trust – turning them from cold to warm – you effectively put yourself into the perfect position where they’ll buy your products time after time as opposed to anyone else’s. 

Ending Note
Like we’ve said before:
You can’t catch a fish without bait. Let your content be your bait.



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