How To Get Game Changing Insights On your Consumers


Understand Your Consumer’s & Target Audience’s Mindset. Know what they need, want, and have trouble with.

Stemming from our last post on the topic (effectively pt.1), we’ll actually take you through a process to generate meaningful insights on your target audience and consumers and come to a solid conclusion on how to market to them – effectively understanding and connecting with them.

1. Draft Insights From Proposed Conclusions

Now with consumer experience as the focal point of your strategy and your collected first party data ready for use (now that you understand this is far better than any generalized data), you can begin to imagine your target audience and consumers as buyer personas (high level personifications of your data, target audience, and current consumers) who can sit in on strategy meetings and give input on your future development and products from their own perspective.

Imagine you’re back in school giving a final dissertation to your hardest and most strict professor. This is do or die and is the only thing standing between you and graduating. As you can imagine, all throughout the semester this professor has demanded more details and insights from you on every project and this time you HAVE to deliver if you want to make the cut.

Before you even begin your presentation your professor demands you give the insights first – the “why’s”, what led you to choosing this project and then what led to your final conclusions.

He or She wants to know

1) The current stance of your buyer personas’ culture and how they react to it.
2) Follow up with their pain points and/or market desires.
3) End it on their ideal result.

All in 3 sentences….


You can actually fill each one of these out directly on the webpage to help you get a hands-on experience.
Think of this like a workshop

*Viewable if used on desktop*
*Therefore the lines are added below*

Sentence 1) Current situation of market and consumer behavior towards it

Sentence 2) Consumer’s current desires from your market or problems and why that problem is a challenge

Sentence 3) Consumer’s desired end-result

In the case of a floating restaurant, i.e North River Lobster Co.

(a non-traditional food spot utilizing a boat/cruise as it’s physical location. Allowing customers to have a boat ride with awesome views as a secondary attraction to its main focus of offering food)

1) Consumers tend to show off lavish experiences and elegant food photography on social.

2) Consumers desire beautiful views, experiences, food, and photography but have trouble accommodating all.

3) Consumers want to find way to incorporate all into the same moment.

2. Allow Your Buyer Personas To Generate Change

For instance, utilize your buyer personas as if they were real people face to face with you. Using all you know about them and their character create responses from their points of view during their times of content or facing their problems. Make this language as passionate as possible – the same language your actual consumers and target audience would be using.
form it into one complete thought (I, because, but) explaining what they do, why they do it and oppositions to it.

Example: 1 buyer persona for the same business mentioned above can be that of the flashy social media obsessed person who wants to keep his / her fanbase engulfed in the life that person lives.

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*Therefore the lines are added below*

(I) love showing off what I do on IG and that’s why I take pictures of my food at high class restaurants before I eat it

(because) that’s what people like and I know they want to live my life so I have to keep that appearance up

(but) I always do the same thing – go to restaurants and party – I want something new to do that no one’s done yet.

3. Wrap Up Your Presentation: Giving Your Closing Statement

Now it’s time to turn responses into actionable insights and give your closing statement. Make it as emotional, compelling, sensational, and “insightful” as possible.

*Viewable if used on desktop*
*Therefore the lines are added below*

Turn your responses from above into an actionable insight. A hard hitting closing statement.


For the same buyer persona from above:

“Consumers want an experience that can make others jealous and shows why their life needs to be sought after.”

As you can imagine, with an open mind – just this statement alone can lead to some fantastic creative work being done.
As well as being the bases for the experiences you’ll want to create to engage your target audience and consumers. Which then leads into being able to collect more targeted first party data.

Ending Note:

When forming new strategies or developing a presentation, go back to how you formed your buyer personas and the information used: the consumer’s current mind state, problems they face and how you can effectively solve them, and their desired end-state. By going back to having your consumers in mind you allow for the creation of unique and groundbreaking work.



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