Strategy Planning

Tugging On The Past While Preparing For The Future – Making Calculated Moves.

In order to successfully navigate the industry’s continuously changing seas & consumer habits, we look to data for insights & conduct meticulous planning before we make any uneducated moves. The difference between us & other agencies – we never make uneducated moves. We always use data to drive our next steps insuring success for our clients.

Detailed Strategies That Lead To Our Clients Achieving Their Goals & Benchmarks.

In the current world we live in nothing stays the same for long. Markets are always changing and consumer needs are always evolving. Attention spans shorten & standards for communication are continuously evolving.

We Keep Our Eyes On The Market, Looking For Change.

We continuously study your market and consumers to understand what the market needs and what your audience calls for. Without the correct strategy any marketing effort is bound to fail. We study hard data, not proposed assumptions. With data we plan all of our moves before we take the first step; allowing us to create perfectly optimized campaign strategies. With unmatched audience targeting and attribution modelling we ensure every impression leaves an impression.

Data Is Our Best Friend – Telling Us What Works & What Doesn’t.

Campaign Development & Optimization

Scyterra as a whole comes together to analyze the data we collect. Each account executive plays a hand when it comes to campaign development for each of our clients – offering new ideas and areas of improvement to the account executive that directly handles your brand. Ensuring that more than one eye is looking after the growth & success of your brand. Creating perfectly optimized and revamped strategies ready to be deployed. After which, we begin collecting new data on each campaign’s performance. Using this data to detail areas of improvement & optimization to ensure each campaign performs well beyond perceived expectations. Breaking passed any boundaries that may try to hinder performance.

Inbound Marketing Design & Execution

After securing new sales there has to be work done in order to keep them happy & coming back – wanting to continue to give you their money. This is where we design & execute inbound marketing strategies such as email, blogging  website updating & maintenance, & Social Media Management. We devise a strict plan of content creation & campaigns that we roll out over coming weeks & months to engage your users & turn them into loyal customers. Giving them a reason to always revisit your company.

Split Tests

You never know exactly what will catch. This is what we live by. Just because you assume something should work doesn’t mean it does. We have to separate our interests & look directly at what consumers want. We deploy different variations of our campaigns from wording, to visuals, placement, timing, design, audio, and every aspect in between. Collecting data on what catches then running full fledge with the variation that received the most response. Escalating it’s reach to the highest levels and ensuring we catch all of your desired audience.

Editorial Calendar Planning

We plan out every step we decide on making – PR, marketing, advertising, collaborations, events, posts, and influencer campaign wise. Setting plans in motion week and even months in advance. Filling out our calendar with specific deadlines to hit for launches of any campaign we create – direct marketing campaigns, indirect marketing campaigns, events, sponsorships, press, collaborations, media spotlight, influencer marketing, and the likes.