Apple & Augmented Reality: Creating The Next Step In Societal Evolution?

The capabilities of AR
and what that means for our future development.


Pushing The Present Forward – The Evolution Of Society

Taking us one step closer to the future, Apple and Its AR (Augmented Reality) advancements being readily accessible to everyone sets a new milestone in the evolution of human society.

Apple & AR:
Augmented Reality Set To Penetrate Life As We Know It

“In the near future, it very well can too see common use in everyday societal life. We only have one question…. Are you ready?”


April 3, 1973 the first cell phone was created.

Before then no one even had the slightest imagination of a telephone being portable and carried on them at all times. Especially not with the bulky original iterations they were presented with.


Fast forward to 2018: the cell phone has now become a staple of society – being carried by nearly 100% of city populations.

Whenever you’re without it you feel a disconnect form the world.


Is it really that far off to think AR won’t follow that same path? Being used on the exact device that walked this path before it? or should we say… “the same device that is already a part of our society – that infiltrated our every day life”.

Doesn’t sound too far off now, does it?

Capabilities: Use In Everyday Life As We Know It

The World Is Going Digital:
The line Between The Real And Unreal Becomes Blurred.
“Digital Says Hello To Reality.”


Apple, with a heavy focus on students, aims to have tech capabilities adopted into every classroom to enhance the learning capabilities of every student.

Currently due to limitations of some subjects and specific lessons, students are forced to learn by speech and video content.
But envision a world where every classroom becomes the lesson, every lesson becomes hands on, and every student has the opportunity to absorb knowledge in new ways. As classrooms will soon be capable of turning into the premise for every lesson through the use of AR. Delivering “hands on” interactive experiences for every student will become the base of the education system as students can view the same AR immersive media experiences at the same time.

Other Educational Mediums: Step into a time machine and allow yourself to be transported back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
Giving life to old bones slumbering in museums, augmented reality can awaken these long forgotten giants. Entire museums become experiences as dinosaurs, cavemen, and animals roam the halls. Enter a world where pterosaurs rule the skies and claim domain above museums, nest on ledges, and dive into oceans. See yourself walking into different exhibits and triggering new immersive media experiences specifically for that room. Augmented reality can take museums to the next level.

Health: Anticipate a world where Medical students have the capabilities of experiencing the human body hands on in classrooms. Seeing the human form in intricate detail to: understand the skin and all its layers, watch as lungs push oxygen throughout the body, analyze how joints fit together, and so on. The limit on augmented reality in the educational world is nonexistent.

History: Picture walking down a street and instantly being transported to a distant past. Being fully enveloped in the history of a specific location – seeing first hand events as they occur right where your stand.

Commerce & The Web

Commerce: Not too far from now is a world where consumers have the capability of digitally trying on items instead of going to changing rooms. Augmented reality gives consumers the power to create entire outfits based on items they want to buy.

E-Commerce: Consumers, prepare for the power to bridge the gap between experiencing an item in person, understanding its functionality, and shopping online from the comfort of your home.(yes, real physical objects can be transformed into AR experiences. AR capable products are denoted by the AR Glyph symbol and AR Badge). For example, imagine seeing a jacket or guitar up close and personal with the same detail as you would in person. Imagine getting an in-depth analysis of its details, and fully understanding color variations as you would in person.

Web: Publishers, be ready to give readers a new level of engagement by being able to place immersive media experiences into articles with the use of the .usdz file format (the file format created by Apple and Pixar to allow the creation of AR objects and renderings) and have them triggered by the tap of a screen.


Games are no longer what you knew them to be. Watch as the world around you now becomes the game.

One of the biggest Augmented Reality games to take over the market was Pokemon Go. Now that AR adoption and development is steadily increasing, AR games can be taken to a new level – as shown with the LEGO game and slingshot game at WWDC 2018. Multi-user interactive AR games are here – what we saw was only the start. The future is endless. Stepping away from phones – it’s not too far off that leading gaming companies are already testing AR for new systems in the works… PS9? Xbox 1080? Nintendo Aug? The possibilities are endless with what the future  holds.

Marketing & User Engagement

Embrace this powerful story telling medium – Immersive media. Just like with the turn of the 20th century opening the door to new capabilities for marketing and user experience through the use of digital, AR and immersive media offer new means of marketing and engaging consumers.

“For example, an app might recognize theater posters for a sci-fi film and then have virtual spaceships emerge from the posters and fly around the environment” drawing the viewer deeper into the world of the movie and fully becoming immersed in its lore – offering a whole new medium to user interaction and engagement. “Or, an app for a retail store could make a virtual character appear to emerge from a store’s front door by recognizing posters placed on either side of the door.” or even by recognizing the store itself. As stated by Apple in its informational page for developers.

Everyday Life And The World As We Know It
Application For The Future

Contemplate a near future; where the classification of “real” and “digital” merge into one singular. Every aspect of human life can become digital as ties are made to the “digital plane”.

Envision a future where a new world is created that overlaps life as we know it. Civilization has become two-fold, and a new layer has been added to life – called the digital plane. Where every interaction, movement, breath, and view our eyes hold can invoke immersive media experiences – simply by crossing over into the digital world. This is a plane of existence that isn’t seen by the naked eye, but achieved through the use of augmented reality technology. Where every human can step into this world at will by engaging the AR function on their wearable tech and be submerged into the same immersive media experiences in real time.

Now, allow your imagination to run rampant as you begin to visualize what can be. Digital life forms become an essential part of society, AR life forms engaging with you in real time in the digital world as you pass them by in the physical world. Wearable AR (phones / watches, clothes, glasses, contacts, and the like) is your grounding to the digital plane and feed your current location for the AR experiences to take place. We want you to contemplate a world where all of this has become the normality and has been the staple of life for years. Because it’s on the way.

Engulf yourself in a world where a new reality for the word “engagement” has stemmed. New roads of interaction are born allowing brands to tailor experience in the AR world dynamically as you pass by AR life-forms. In this vibrant digital world, by the use of cookies, AR beings are able to understand our interests, likes and dislikes and give birth to meaningful conversations on the new science exhibit going live at the museum later today – all depending on your affinity for science.

Glimpse into a future where books are nothing like you currently understand them to be. See a world where literature has evolved to the point it became indistinguishable from immersive media experiences. As audio books were the first step in its evolutions, AR books are the second more widely accepted step in the evolution of literature. Feel yourself immersed in a world where the words of a book come to life as you flip the pages. Where characters emerge from the text of book and act its story telling – as the words are either read by the book or yourself.

Allow your senses to become enveloped by your thoughts, see a food menu coming to life as you view it – every dish presented in front of you on the table, every drink poured, and every dessert served for your mouth to water. Having a close up immersive look at each item on the menu for your consideration is no longer the world of the Jetsons. Stripping away the need to ask “how big are the portions” or contemplating how each entree looks before deciding what to order will soon be the world you know.

It’s time to bring you back into present day; AR apps are currently in  development that overlap real world information and directions on top of what a phone’s camera sees in real time. Looking towards the future, more interactive versions can be developed that utilize digital being, as mentioned above, to give information and guide you to your destination.

Art & Design

Paint a world where art shows are no longer limited by the works and strokes of a hand. In this world art was the last to make the migration from the physical to digital. But, now each stroke you make uncovers new possibilities. In the current world as you know it, it takes months to complete a sculpture, but as you to add color to your futuristic creation you begin to see possibilities for augmented reality art pieces taking only hours to be completed – spread out over the course of a couple days. In this future world physical art pieces haven’t gone extinct, but instead or supplemented by AR technology.

In this same world, creative designers will be able to lay out and manipulate designs in the physical world.
AR technology offered interior designers (and homeowners themselves) the ability to fully design an entire home in the digital plane and present each room to clients as they take them on a tour through the house. In your future world, homes care able to be fully experienced as intended before any money is spent and changes are made on the fly.

what if the whole world becomes digital? where as we’re the only things in the physical world and everything we interact with is in the digital world. ok we may be getting a little ahead of our selves and diving into the world of Sci-Fi, but what if? What if we’re soon to stop calling it the digital world and just call it “the world”?

The Future And Beyond

Now imagine this: digital experiences like these not taking place in some far off, fictitious future. What if I told you many of these experiences are happening right now thanks to emerging technologies further erasing the line between the physical and digital worlds. A shift is under way where digital experiences will no longer be confined to phones, laptops, desktops, and TV screens, but happen in the world around you.

Travel beyond iPhone, iPads, iOS 12, and ARKit 2. These and other augmented reality capable devices were only the first steps to the next evolutionary shift in our society. Human’s next step in evolution isn’t physical, but its digital. Wearable AR is now in the works – further bringing the digital into the real. What we once new as “digital” will soon become the “natural” as we become more in-tune with AR through the use of emerging wearable technology – which is soon to be incorporated into our everyday life through AR capable glasses, watches, and the like.

Just as the world moved from paper to digital, and written notes to phone calls, AR will close the gap between technology and the senses. It’s driving the next wave of digital evolution and creating new challenges along with opportunities.

What If?

What if we told you the whole world becomes digital?
What If everything we interact with enters the digital world? Where the only things in the physical world are our homes, transportation, food, and us.
Ok, we may be getting a little ahead of our selves and diving into the world of Sci-Fi… but just what if?
What if we’re soon to stop calling it the digital world and just call it “the world”? Will this be a utopia or dystopia? you decide and let us know in the comments.

Adobe Project Aero – bridging the gap between the physical and digital.

Ending Note:

With eyes open to the future, the capabilities of technology we’ll see is endless. Science fiction movies may not have been too far off. What we understand as cell phones today will be an archaic device to the world of “tomorrow”. Our form of communication could very well enter augmented reality allowing us to be face to face while being oceans apart.
Looking towards the digital plane and immersive media experiences, all we have to say is – “we’re ready”.



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